Tehnospoj- interijeri d.o.o.  has been producing kitchens and furniture for 21 years now. The company started in 1993 as a stand alone furniture retail store catering to carpenters, and grew to one of the largest and most recognized furniture manufacturers in Croatia. We specialize in custom made kitchens and furniture with a strong commitment to provide our clients with a superior product and service. Client satisfaction is a must , and it is engrained in the company philosophy and work ethic of each employee.

Tehnospoj – interijeri partners with HOMAG,  a German leading manufacturer of high quality equipment for processing board materials. We are therefore able to produce products of the highest quality, and able to complete the most challenging tasks. In addition to working with most the recognized European partners, our company developed its own manufactiring line of high quality furiniture fronts.  We named this brand line Tehnodoor, and it has driven the company to become a leader in this field for the region.

Tehnospoj- interijeri d.o.o. marked a new phase of development in last decade with revenues steadily growing and customer base rapidly expanding. Our client list includes numerous hotel chains within Croatia, car salons, pharmacies, shops, and of course individual customers.

Tehnospoj-Interijeri d.o.o. envisions 2014 as a year of breakthrough. We are expanding to the exciting and diverse market in the United States. We believe that our commitment to quality, our flexibility, our product, and service excellence will help us become a recognized brand in the furniture manufacturing industry in United States of America.